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id like to know what the difference of doing liposuction through armpit incision is and if it helps?



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id like to know what the difference of doing liposuction through armpit incision is and if it helps?

Liposuction Is Great for Sculpting Fat

The arm access site makes the doctor's work much easier for the liposuction component of the surgery.  The remote site gives a better seal and makes surgery go much faster.  However, removing gland is much more difficult and cannot be done as well as a direct approach.  In addition the arm access sites look very strange, the scars just do not hide well and really show up on animation (like lifting the arms).  My many revision patients who had other doctors start with arm access sites have told me they prefer my peri-areola scar to their original scars.

When gynecomastia is from fat, liposuction works very well for contouring the chest.  I have seen many patients from other doctors who tried to use liposuction alone techniques that left gland behind that the patients just did not like for Revision Gynecomastia Chest Sculpture.

Here is an example of Revision Surgery after Liposuction alone.   Here is another revision after liposuction alone.

The problem is picking the right method for what actually is that patient's problem.  That is why I prefer my Dynamic Technique that permits what I find during surgery to guide my sculpture.

I have also seen patients with channel problems between remote access sites and the areola / nipple.  Scars, adhesions, and depressions can look terrible.  Check out the lateral (side views) and posterior oblique (side from the back views with and without muscle flexion here to see what I mean.

As any artist, I take my cannula selection and access sites very seriously and have evolved what permits me to achieve my results.  I have considered and evaluated many, many technologies.  The many different types of cannula I use have their own advantages and qualities.  I pick a subset of these cannula that varies for the many different types of gynecomastia male chest sculpture that I see.

Gland removal by any technique can still leave a depression when  a major part of the problem is from gland.  For gland removal, I prefer the greater precision of removal under direct visualization and feel.  This also give me access to many more elements for my artistic palette of my Dynamic Technique to sculpt the remaining tissues.

This approach permits me to maximize the removal of the firm gland and sculpt the remaining fat.  How tissues move is important.  The human body is beautiful in animation.  That is why I show pictures of the chest with arms up, down, and with muscles tight / relaxed in addition to the results from multiple views.  Such analysis of the results as well as how tissues evolve, the possible need for drains, comfort level after surgery, are important factors in picking your doctor.  It is like an artist selecting a paint brush.  The results are what matters, not with what tool they sculpt.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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