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my GP suggested I go see and endo and get some endo tests done, so my question is, is the endocrinologist
exam just blood test work, or does he perform any physical exam as well? Like checking penis, breasts, anus or anything else
plz excuse my unawareness, I just want to be prepared


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I believe this may all depend upon your age and hormonal activity.  I've had the condition for over twenty years and was told this was obviously not hormonal.  The surgeon checked my testicles for any lumps and said that could be a cause. That was the extent of the endocrine test.  You may have more intensive testing I was told had I'd been in my teens.

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You must keep in mind that the Endocrinologist is a highly trained professional and your actual examination started long before you unfastened the first button. In fact, before he actually touched you in any way.

There are easily a dozen or more things regarding masculinization that he can see in your face. If the things that he sees and/or feels are consistant, the examination may seem cursory. If the observations are ambiguous or conflicting, the examination could be rather extensive.

The laboratory results do not make a diagnosis on their own, but serve to support or bring into question the Doctors initial diagnosis.

If the laboratory results agree with the Doctors initial assesment, you have a diagnosis and will be referred back to your regular Doctor in most cases. Then ultimately referred to a Surgeon.

Should you have a problem the Endocrinologist will likely commence treatment at that point. This will be a relatively rare thing.

Even more rarely, in spite of a thorough examination and the lab work, there is still ambiguity about your hormonal status. This would lead to even further examination and/or tests.

Just how long, how personal, and how invasive the examination is going to be is different for every person entering the Doctors office.

The best advice I've read on these pages a long time past was: Hope for the best while you prepare for the worst.
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