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I'm fairly certain it's water related however its not quite as simple as preventing water retention as even when I go low carb and low sodium it will still come and go.

What I've noticed is when they are looking good... at some point later in the day I will need to urinate which I imagine would mean im losing more water weight and they will remain flat looking … however sometimes after urinating they will puff up... 

So i'm beginning to think that losing too much sodium in urination can lead to more puffiness... it's really confusing.

I know if I've been urinating all night when I wake up in the morning they are gone... however through the day they will come and go... with urinating and replacing lost sodium with food.

anyone else got this ?

I can go to the gym and run and sweat and they will be gone for a few hours but once I urinate later on... they reappear.


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There is only one cause for puffy nipples:  physical breast tissue directly under the areola.  Fat alone does not cause puffy nipples -- but it can cause an enlarged breast.  One can diagnose puffy nipples by lying down in bed and merely looking down at the chest.  True puffy nipples will be evident by just looking -- no touching is needed.

Puffy nipples appear to get better due to the presence of tiny muscle fibers within the areolar skin itself.  When those muscle fibers are stimulated, through physical or emotional stimulation, cold temperatures, etc, they will tighten up and cause tiny "wrinkles" in the areolar skin, the areolar diameter will decrease and the areolas will lie flat with the surrounding skin.  Basically, the tightened areolar skin pushes the breast tissue further into the breast.

Some guys feel and press on their puffy nipples and mention that it almost feels like a doughtnut with the center actually feeling soft.  This still doesn't change the fact that it is breast tissue that causes the problem.

The only permanent way to remove puffy nipples is with surgery, which will remove the excess breast tissue.  When I operate on gyne with puffy nipples, it is an extensive operation to remove all excess tissues of the chest and then, under direct vision, remove virtually all breast tissue under the areolas.  I then will move fat flaps into the space where the breast tissue was removed, thereby supporting the contour of the areolas with fat.  As a result, the areolas will lie flat and flush with the surrounding tissues from that moment forward.  

One important point:  even after surgery, areolas will wrinkle up when stimulated or exposed to cold and then relax -- that is a normal physiological process which is unaffected by surgery -- but the actual process of "puffing out" will be gone forever.

I have never heard of puffy nipples being affected by a person's degree of hydration.

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Have you actually had the procedure?

I actually think there is something in what you say. 

As I suffer from this also, which is mind boggling. I haven’t seen my surgeon yet 
But I’m pretty sure that I have no gland present like you say certain times of the day looks different. 

In the morning pretty flat t shirts sit pretty good but then changed at certain times. 

I’ve started massaging this week and this seems to make a difference along with eating organic.

Seeing my surgeon very soon! 

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Question for the surgeon what am I massaging away? 

I’m pretty lean now,


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