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Hi all 

Was wandering if anyone could give me some advice. 

I had Gyno surgery more than 10 years ago now mostly had puffy nipples. 

I chose Karidis who was great and went pretty well, I was happy with the results and I wasn’t looking for perfection I healed up nice and felt a lot more confident and decided to put it behind me. I chose not to come back on here. 

Anyway it seems to bother me again really my nipples get really sensitive then go so hard and like poking out and when soft droop down. He did remove the gland and fat. 

Weird thing is in the morning it’s like nothing there without a top on now I’m happy, round partners beach, but with some t shirts shirts poke out. 

I’ve got another appointment just wandering if anyone has had this after surgery. I can’t feel anything, if anything feels loose. 

Is there any cream that I could massage in obviously with no E in it. 

Apologies for long post 



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