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Had surgery 1 week ago today, lipo and gland removal via incisions at the armpits so nipples were left untouched from the outside

Noticed one of my nipples is starting to look a bit bloody? Can't get hold of my surgeon and I'm panicking a bit, has anyone seen anything similar?

Attached a photo of the non bloody one for comparison, thanks in advance


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I had same procedure, through armpits. My nipples scabbed over around first week and it cleared about week 2 i think. I kept putting sudocream on my nipples and armpit incisions from day 2 so I didn't have any bleeding.

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There is nothing to worry about.  Obviously, there is some minor bleeding during surgery, And the blood can sometimes find its way into the milk ducts (remember, the breast is a milk gland, even in a male)) and then find its way to the nipple itself.

All should be fine.  Don't worry.

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