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What was your Post Surgery Routine? Your Do's and Don't?
How was your sleep? You sleep a certain way?
Anything special you did to help or make feel better?


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During the weeks leading up to my surgery I tried to sleep on my back as much as possible and it wasn't easy. I was worried that I'd have trouble sleeping after surgery  but it wasn't so bad. When you simply can't sleep on your side it gets easier to stay on your back.

I was very uncomfortable in the compression vest at first. I thought i would lose my mind wearing that thing for 6 weeks. In the days following surgery I got very constipated, even though I was taking the laxative they recommended. I was constipated, bloated and swollen and packed into this tight corset. Within a week or two my body shrunk down a little and it felt better. In the weeks that followed I managed to lose a few pounds and that really helped. By around week 3 I was so used to the compression vest that I hated having it off for my shower. After that the weeks flew by and before I knew it 6 weeks had passed and the vest was off. The first couple of days after it was off, I put it back on for an hour or two here and there just because I felt so weird without it.

I noticed that the vest straps were bothering me on my shoulders and in my armpits and I tried putting on a t-shirt first, and then the vest. That made it much more comfortable. To adjust the vest, I was pulling it against my t-shirt and not my skin, so it was less painful. Also, with a clean t-shirt every day my vest only needed to be washed once a week. After you wash it, the vest contracts and it's super tight when you put it back on. Interestingly, I called the dr office and got an assistant on the phone to ask if it was okay to wear a t-shirt under the vest. She said NO, don't do it. I had my follow apt a few days later and I asked the Dr. He said said no problem, good idea.???

I was back to my routine very quickly after surgery. The vest and threat of pain makes you look very stiff. You keep your elbows at your sides and can't do any manly tings like lifting stuff, taking out garbage, shoveling snow, etc. Around week 4 I was feeling like I could do anything. I'm at week 13 now and I can still feel a tinge of soreness but it's nothing. Otherwise I'm completely back to normal.

I have a regret. I wish that, before surgery, I had told the PS two things.
1) I'd rather you take too much out, than not enough.  He didn't do enough lypo. My boobs are much smaller but they're still there and I'm bothered by it. I'm 57 and I'm not too concerned about taking my shirt off, so scars or sag or indentations would be better than still having fullness in my chest that is obvious when I'm clothed.

2) If you can't make them perfectly even, then make the left one smaller. He left my left boob bigger than the right. I'm a lefty guitar player and since I still have left boobage, I still have to position my breast to be on top of the guitar or behind it when I'm sitting.

I know nothing is perfect, but if I had said these things and he obeyed, I'd be much happier now and not looking into further correction.

Any questions? I'll be happy to share.
Developed breasts at puberty and had corrective surgery at age 57.

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Thanks for response and glad you are better now. These two things are very embarrassing and make you feel lower about your self. Men shouldn't have "Boobs". People are always staring at them. Both men and women. And I'm finally doing something about them. I go Tuesday to see doctor for first time before surgery.
Good Luck!


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