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Hey Everyone,

I am 52 and have gyne due to using a blood pressure medication  spironolactone. It got so bad on that medication that it was painful to press my chest up against anything. I was able to switch to something else, but the gyne has stayed, and it is sensitive from within, like there is pressure inside. I have had three consults, which I will tell you about below.

1. From a general surgeon, she said that she could do the surgery, maybe even get it past insurance, but she doesn't do lipo.

2. From a fancy high-end free-standing clinic, the doctor quoted around $7500, this covers the surgery and any re-do's too, but they don't do any insurance whatsoever.

3. From a plastic surgeon who is part of my insurance plan, he is sort of the middle option, he can do gyne and lipo, is sending it through for a predetermination with insurance, still waiting and waiting on that. All re-do's are separately billed if I ever need one.

Anyhow, #2 probably could do the best job, but #3 is probably most affordable, haven't figured out a way to really find out how good he is, there are a few reviews on the internet but not much.

One thing I fear about surgery is numbness of the breast and nipple after surgery due to nerve damage. I have heard that it is a permanent side effect, some sort of lack of feeling, either really noticeable or just sort of "un-wired" compared to how it was before. For all of you who have had surgery, how is the sensation of the breast and nipple area now?


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My right side is normal - except a little sore as I have some underlying scar tissue that is still healing.

My left side - the nipple has less feeling. Kind of like when your cheek is numb after a dentist. But feeling it now - I'd say it's definitely got much more feeling than it did a month ago.

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Post-operative numbness of the skin and the nipples is a given after gyne surgery -- 100% of patients have this.

The good news is that in roughly 99% of cases, full or nearly full feeling returns in a few months.  It is very slow and you won't notice until on day you tough yourself and realize that the sensation has returned.

In my entire career, I have never had a patient who permanently lost nipple sensation.

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Update: Received a decline from the insurance company for pre-certification of the surgery. According to doctor's office, they said that the insurance company said that this type of surgery is not covered by my plan, even though it causes pain and even though it was caused by medication. She told me to contact my hr department, but since I am on Cobra, I have no hr department. I asked her for the cash price of the procedure, and she told me around $8300, which is higher than the high-end cash only surgery center that I wanted to go to in the first place, but can barely budget for either.


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