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I had my op on the nhs in england last monday. My case was quite mild, just the puffy nipples that bothered me. A week later I've had a look and I don't see much change, the nipples are a bit less full but theres not a huge difference.

Do you guys think the swelling will have gone down by now or could my chest continue to get better. i'm already worried im going to have to have a revision. I want to be ok by next summer when im going to greece to work on the beach for 8 weeks.

I'll post some pics when I get round to it.
Thanks for any replies


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Give it a few more weeks and avoid the bench press for about 3- 4 weeks. You will still be swollen

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You cannot really judge what the final outcome might be for at least three months.  I am due surgery on January 20th next year and have said to my surgeon that if I am at all concerned about the outcome, I won't be back in his office until at least six months have elapsed so we both have a clear idea of where to go next.

One week is no time to pass any judgement.  Continue to wear your compression garment as prescribed and wait until at least three months before deciding how you feel about the result.

Best wishes.

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Thanks guys, just have to hope the results are good in 3 months. I don't think have enough time to get a revision done before the summer.
I'll post again when I've given it some time

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Now is not the time to think about revision.  Now is the time to think about healing, and waiting for the swelling to go down, so you can see what your new chest really looks like.  One week-  :D.  It can take months before things get to the way they will settle, but it should be in plenty of time for your summer.  I think mine stopped changing after about 6 months or so.  Its hard to judge, but I noticed things just seemed to develop a more natural contour in time.  That's not to say that I wasn't already out swimming after two and a half months though  ;)


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