Author Topic: Please tell me it's not coming back. FAMILIAR tingle.  (Read 1419 times)

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Hello all, first time poster.

I am 4 weeks out from my bilateral mastectomy. Very aware that tingling/burning/exc. sensations are completely common after this procedure. However, the "tingle" I feel is the very same that I felt when the gynecomastia was originally growing.

In fact, from day -1, to day 0, day 1, and day 30, it has been the same tingle... it never went away. I hoped it was all in my head and have been ignoring it.

However, I have periodically been taking pictures to gauge any possible growth. And yes, I can see, and feel, a thick, yet soft, button-like mass behind my left nipple--getting larger. The left side was always worse, and I never did feel anything on the right despite the mass.

So here I am, seeing, feeling, and worrying that the $25,000 procedure I just buried myself with has amounted to nothing. They never did find out why I grew breasts in the first place, so it doesn't seem at all unlikely it could happen again. Feeling pretty hopeless here, gentlemen.

What can be said or done?


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I have taken pictures, having trouble loading them.

Definite size difference in 7 days.

Cannot go another week without knowing.

Someone, please, could it be gynecomastia?

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Where did you have it done?
I'm facing a similar situation.

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Best to speak with your surgeon.

More than likely, it is just the usual tingling that one gets after this surgery.  What you may be feeling is some early scar tissue beneath the nipples -- but this usually doesn't tingle.

Can't offer anything else because i do not know what technique was utilized.

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