Author Topic: Plastic surgeon vs general surgeon.  (Read 2352 times)

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My insurance company has a clause for Gynecomastia coverage labeled as: MASTECTOMY FOR GYNECOMASTIA.

I know for a fact I will have excess skin due to this surgery. Since it will be considered reconstructive as opposed to cosmetic, will I be butchered with a lot of scarring if I go with a regular surgeon as opposed to a plastic surgeon?


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Your best chance of a good outcome would be with a cosmetic surgeon who has a special interest in male breast reduction for Gynecomastia.

If it was a simple matter of removing tissue, any surgeon would do. Unfortunately, it is never that simple.
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PawPaw's right. You need someone who understands sculpting the chest. Not just removing stuff. Have you heard of a jack of all trades but a master of none? The doctors like the ones on this site are masters at performing this procedure.


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