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i'm 77 kg and i'm 1,90 meter i'm not really fat but i have for qutie big man boobs
do you guys think i can get it covered from my insurence 
it doesn't really hurt but i just don't want them anymore

please react.


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For the most part, insurance companies regard surgery for gynecomastia as cosmetic.  They even call the use of liposuction (which has been around for 33 years!) as "experimental." Needless to say, liposuction is an integral part of any gyne surgery.  No amount of argument or cajoling with these companies will change their mind because they make the rules.

All that being said, your first step should be to contact your own insurance company and inquire of their requirements for coverage of gynecomastia surgery.  Then set about to see if you can meet some or all of their criteria.  Merely having larger breasts will not do it -- you have to meet some of their other criteria as well.

Good luck and be prepared for a fight.

When and if you should receive approval for your gyne surgery, be strongly advised that the insurance company can then reverse its approval after the surgery is performed.  And who can you complain to?  Yep, the same insurance company, which has amply demonstrated that it is truly "on your side."

This is the unfortunate situation in which we -- patients with gyne and doctors who treat gyne -- are faced with.  And that is why most doctors who treat gyne cannot afford to accept insurance for gyne surgery -- simply because they cannot be assured in any way that they will be paid.

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Mine was covered as non-cosmetic due to the emotional distress it was causing
Maybe try to establish emotional distress and say you're avoiding the important things in life due to the condition.


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