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Hi guys. Great site this. I was just wondering if anyone has symptoms similar to me. I went the doctor a couple of months ago and she said it was hormonal and would go down. My gyne only seems to really affect my left side. It is slightly lumpy under my left nipple but not under my right. I imagine this is due to gland growth. However my nipple on the left side is larger than on the right and it is often puffy behind. It is very annoying as I always have a 'nip-on' under my shirt!! I was just wondering if anyone else has had their nipple enlarge slightly as a result of gyne.



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Yip, same here.  One nipple is bigger/puffier in diameter.  In my case it hasn't changed since I was 12, am now 23.  This is termed "unilateral gynecomastia."  I know how annoying it is for you.  Its one thing to have puffy nipples, yet another to have one bigger/droopier than the other.  A surgeon can correct this.

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Hi, I have unilatteral gyne as well. it is only in my right side. there is pretty much no gyne in my left side...
i already posted these pictures in another post but here they are again....

from the front:
from the right:
from the left:

and yes as you said this is very annoying.
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