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Hi everyone,  I  just joined the forum because I have reached the point of needing to wear my bra daily. I can't wear them at work because I work with grown men that emotionally act 15. But from the time I get home until I have to return I  am wearing my bra. I  used to just wear my bra at home, but now I wear it everywhere except work. I have had G for over 12 years but just bumped up to a 42c from a 42b. Between my old doctor and my wife (that is very supportive) I am glad to have found this group and hope to be of help when I can.


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Unfortunately not everybody will understand the discomfort that having breasts can cause, but such is life, right?  

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Support from wife is a good thing to have, so welcome to forum, hate that you have a need to be a member

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I also wear a bra almost all the time .  Wife has no problem with it either.  38 B


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