Author Topic: Not too happy with scars, what should I do?  (Read 2217 times)

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So I'm exactly 5 weeks post-op today and my bandages under my nipples finally came off. Not really happy with what they look like. Will this improve on it's own? What kind of solutions do I have? Creams? Ointments? Or do I have to rely on laser removal? (Please God no)


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For this early date, that does not look at all bad.

Give it time.

You were informed in advance that full recovery could take 6 months and in some cases as much as a year.

Your expectations at this early date are not reasonable.
Grandpa Dan

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First congrats on a safe surgery!

Your nipple appears to be flat which is really positive.

The scar strikes me as strange because its cut right into the nipple. Typically the incision is right were the nipple tissue meets skin tissue. This typically makes it more difficult to see once healing is complete. Maybe a doctor can comment.

But IMO your results look fantastic.

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Is that an incision or is that a fold?


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