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Hi guys,
First time posting. Okay so like most of you, I need gyno surgery and can't afford it. I've been looking around the web and came across Nordesthetics in Lithuania. After looking at their Facebook reviews which were very good, I messaged them. £1700. All in. Sounds too good to be true because here in the uk it's approaching 5k. Can anyone back this place up? I need the surgery ASAP!

Thanks for your time!


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Slow down!!

You have had this problem for a while -- you don't need it ASAP!!!  What you do have to do is take your time, do lots of research, look for reviews, etc.  The one thing you don't want to do is to rush into surgery -- particularly because it is cheap.  If it doesn't turn out well, then you will need revision, which will cost additional money as well as lots of mental anguish.

You may also want to lay back and put some money together so that you can get it done by a reputable gyne expert.

Just food for thought!

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