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Hello, like half a year or a year ago i made a post of my puffy nipples gynecomastia here, and i still have it, i have never told anyone about this only some of my friends know it but it doesnt worry me, they only do a little teasing about it but nothing much to worry about. But summer is coming and i have made a decision to told about my father this conditiong, i am too embaressed to tell it face to face so ima email it to him when hes home, i dont even want neither my brothers or my mother to know about this, i am pretty sure my dad will understand me and get me a surgery i have done a research about the surgerions near me and theres 1 private hostpital that does gynecomastia surgeries and i am going to tell my dad to get me a meeting from some surgerion at there, But the thing im wondering is, that sometimes my mates just like to touch my nipples, and i dont want to tell about the surgery to them, does it cause alot trouble if after surgery they just like touch them but not squeeze them, i cannot always know what they do theyre wild guys, but also can i do ANY kinda excersie after the surgery like if i stay away at 2 excersice classes, and third and fourth ill just walk and swing my hands a little bit, does it cause any trouble, and if id get the surgery @ easter. Would i be able to swim @ summer and would i have very noticable scars etc, i want to know. Thanks.



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