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ok, well i'm 18 5'10 210 pounds and sporting a large B cup (will have pictures up soon) I really want to start some sort or diet an exercise program but dont really know what to do because I'm happy with my weight and lose my belly but keep my breast. My whole family is big to start with but none of my male family members have the size breasts that i do. I have been thinking about surgery although, i have not talked about it with my family and i just know my dad will be displeased, and unsporting and the money is another question. I'm willing to do whatever it takes, i'm tired of trying to hide them every i go and getting teased and made fun of. I guess i just want some advice from people with the same problem. thanks 


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I'm right with you dude...
I'm 5 10 and 190 pounds

I swam on the swim team a while back and didn't have any belly, but still had the's weird
I was down to 175 at one point  :P and still had it.
I'm getting surgery in June

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There are a lot of kids that come through here explaining how their family may not or will not support their surgery.  A lot of these guys go on to pay for it with their own money and it is very possible.  Just know that it's not impossible and you can finance something like this with time and effort.

Have you talked with your family at all?  At least telling them that this affects you will put them in the know.  They can't stop you from getting a surgery for yourself because you're 18.

Good luck!
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