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If any of you have ever heard of natural cures then you have heard of something good. There is a natural cure possible for everything. My grandma beat and solved her thyroid condition naturally and was able to lose the impossible to lose weight. Its true the FDA or medical government officials want you to turn to expensive pills and medicines to help battle conditions such as colin cancer and aids. But, I repeat battle not CURE they don't say it is going to cure them just keep you alive and suffering for years. The same is true for gyne I don't know of a natural cure yet but if scientists would concentrate on gyne and do a few years of research working with natural elements eventually we could find a natural working solution. Sure you can diet and excercise and wait it out but sometimes it isn't going to go away. So I hope and it could be possible to find a natural cure for gyne in the next upcoming years. This isn't bs or just crap I threw together. I wish I knew what that cure was but it hasn't been found yet. People are dying and suffering because the FDA won't let go of the non-solution medicines out there. We vanished polio completely and could easily do the same with gyne. This isn't a joke. I wish I knew what that cure was because I would do it and so would many others who hate this dang gyne. Natural cures are now starting to come out of the wood-work for more and more conditions. You can prevent and cure everything naturally they just got to find a solution for everything but, have found natural cures for many things such as certain cancers and tumors etc. The only reason the FDA is fighting this factor is because if the medicines go away so do a lot of jobs and money. But, aren't the cures that work that will save a lot of suffering and lives worth more? They were doing natural cures many many years ago and it is a not much talked about subject. Until the past few years the scientists and people who test the natural cures are pushing to get their solutions out to everyone and are now slowly starting to. Wouldn't any of you do anything to cure your gyne naturally and I know many of you have. That natural cure for gyne doesn't come but I hope those companies who push the natural cures can make even more of an enterance in the world and keep doing the mircale of life they are doing. They can do cures for everything one by one. Eventually they will and I repeat they will find a cure for gyne. But, probably won't be there anytime soon. I am telling you if more money and I mean a lot more would have been put into natural cures maybe the world wouldn't be what it is today. Maybe if they would have started investing a lot of money in it 50 years ago gyne would have had a cure by now. Cancer may have been completely gone. Heart diasease taken care of. Even possibly aids corrected. Wouldn't that all be lovely. People living longer more 100-120 year olds still living life. God it is like a dream that will soon become a reality they are now starting to push. And eventually their pushing will get them the additional funds they need to cure the so-called uncurable or that medical companies never really wanted to cure so they wouldn't lose additional profits. They don't really care about the sufferers of the lives that are lost they care about the cash that year after year has lined their pockets. Don't want to take my word for it just keep watching as this subject keeps getting bigger and bigger. And for all of you who want a natural cure for gyne but it isn't hear right now you can blame the medical officials who didn't want you to have that cure so that you could pump more money into trying everything including expensive creams and medicines perscribed by your doctor. I can't be 100% sure if gyne would be gone if they would have funded this 50 years ago like they could and should have but I bet you it would have been. And none of you knowing this would have never had to go through all the bs and suffering that gyne causes. It just sucks a possible cheap, and cure and preventer could have been here but isn't. You see all the posts on this board about a natural or non surgical cure. You want your info this is the truth. There is a not yet found but cure for gyne. It just takes time and proper working things to make this happen. If you want to blame anyone blame the medical officials or the FDA. They caused the gyne to stick with you and not go away unless you spent a lot of money on surgery. Plus in addition to that you had possible scarring, and in the rare case a butchery or two. Don't you just wish you could take a natural supplement or something and cure gyne naturally in a few days or few weeks time and prevent it from coming back. That would be a dream come true that is not a fantasy. We live in a world where possibilites are endless and nothing is really impossible. Just had to get this out because people deserve to know that even though there is no natural cure yet there dang well could be and it could have been here now if the proper research and funding could have happened. People are now starting to wise up even more and the medical officials are getting worried. The more people that find out the better because then they will eventually be backed into a corner with no way out and we can finally have complete success instead of suffering and dying because they make you think there isn't a cure for those deadly diaseases. There is but, they just want to tinker around with unnatural substances so the can line their pockets and live large happy lives and do this forever which they could have had not more people wised up. I hope a lot more of this happens because if I ever have a son who has this I don't ever want him to have a problem with this like I did and don't want to see the next generation suffer like all the ones in the past because of their ignorant bs. They don't care if you die they just want a chunck of your money. I can't believe the amount of grief that could have been prevented and discontinued and eventually there would be a much better and happier world where anyone could do anything because they made anything able to be possible. My mom has been working on curing her thyroid naturally for only a short while now and is starting to improve and get better. She still has to lose some more weight but she is on the right track. Although I just wish everyone who has every had gyne could eventually lose it themselves there just has been too many problems with gyne. I swear sometimes I want to go onto T.V. and fill more people in about gyne but I am not a doctor. But, I can tell you if I was I would put the money out or try to have a chance to address this problem and get the message out so gyne could have another solution. It just sucks and I hope the FDA and Medical Officials fully hit that corner soon or they will just keep getting richer off of many peoples suffering. It is just like Bush did we really go to war with Iraq because of the nuclear arms. No, it was for his benifit and possible revenge. Now bush is getting questioned more and more and moving closer to that corner. I guess we have to eventually do the same with the FDA or we won't get anywhere. They aren't going to change unless we change towards them. If we make a change all dreams can become a reality. No more hunger, diaseases, suffering, pain, depression, healthier people, growing and booming economy, peace, happiness, and love. What everybody has dreamt about could become a reality if we pushed in only a matter of time. God gas is now $2.60 a gallon and yet we have those dang hydrogen cars not yet perfected that could be with more funding and they could waste less gas on cars and use cheap practically free hydrogen that doesn't really pollute and just makes everything better. I am looking for better and everything just I swear since 2000 or since Bush has gotten in has been worse, he helped to worse our economy and with his stupid and ignorant actions make this world or country a behind the times war hungry country. Bush uses all our money and created a deficit the largest in history for a president for useless things that don't help. I don't know what he and all those top officials, top medical officials, FDA, etc. are trying to do but they need to stop and get in gear we have problems and need to address them.


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Dude that would be a lot easier to read with paragraphs.

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Dude that would be a lot easier to read with paragraphs.

lol yeah!!

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Sorry my mistake the main point of this all is the FDA is fighting natural cures so they can keep lining their pockets. Since natural cures have been around for ages if more funding and research was done they could eventually find a cure for gyne. If they would have done more research and funding on a natural cure for gyne 25-50 years ago like they could have maybe gyne would have a natural cure and a preventation by now. They need to start funding more for natural cures and the FDA needs to back down and let this happen so suffering lowers deaths lower life spans increase, and the world is just an overall better place. But, until the FDA can back down and more time and research is done a natural cure for gyne will be a long way aways. Hopefully soon this can happen as if I ever have a son I would hope he never has to go through with this crap. That is the main point sorry for the long post.

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There are three times in the life of a man when Gynecomastia is normal.  

The first is at birth.  Some of the mother's hormones get through the placenta and caust the breasts to enlarge. This almost always goes away in a few months.

The second is at the onset of puberty.  The body seems to get confused a bit about what to do with the rapidly increasing hormone levels and some testosterone gets converted into estrogen.  This too goes away usually, (Not always) but the shrinkage takes much longer.

The third is in old age.  men of advanced age frequently have a gradual lowering of their testosterone level sometimes to the point that some old men have hormone levels about equal to their post menopausal wives.  This does not go away.

At any time, a random sampling of men will find that as many as 2/3 have either visable or palpable breast enlargement.

Since 2/3 is the majority, the condition is usually deemed normal.

Since the condition is normal, it is not a disease.  Since it is not a disease, no one will ever be able to find a cure.

Should Gynecomastia occur at a time of life other than the three above,  It is not in itself a disease, but often a symptom which is considered harmless in itself.

I really hate to break this bad news, but you're all normal.

Having breasts is an embarrasment,  etc.  And a genuine pain;  but it is not a disease.  So it cannot be cured.

Grandpa Dan


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