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Do you have to be naked for surgery?  That's a weird question, but the idea of it bugs me.

I thought I posted this on here this morning, but maybe it didn't take.

Anyway, my doctor creeps me out a bit during the exam and I don't like the idea of being naked and passed out in front of a bunch of people.  Just don't.  

Can you just wear shorts?  I don't see why not.  Not like they're operating on my groin or something.


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you will probably be wearing a hospital gown (the kind that tie up in the back) and your underwear beneath that. And you will probably never have your gown lower than your waist.

What they do to you while you're unconscious is between the docs and the walls. They probably won't rape you on account of you having manboobs and all. They aren't the most attractive things in the world.
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acutally, I had something removed from my neck last year, and they do make you get completely naked at most hospitals. I didnt understand their reasoning. I had a pair of briefs on and they looked in the bag where i was supposed to put all my clothes and saw there was no underwear, so i suggest that you wear 2 pairs so u will still have 1 pair on under the hospital gown.

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Being unconscious tends to make you urinate.

They stick a tube in your penis that drains into a bulb.

The purpose is to catch the urine so you don't piss all over the place.

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I was nill by mouth for 12 hours.  I walked to theatre in my hospital gown and boxers.  Next thing I know I am zonked out.  I wake up with my boxers still on and all bandaged up with the gown on.

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Not wearing any cloths in the operating theatre is as much about ensursing a clean bacteria free environment as anything else.  

Far better to have the operation with a proper recovery than to have infected wounds because the operating theatre has become infected with the germs that people can carry in with them.

An infected wound is not very nice and in fact some bugs can be quite dangerous.

If the doctor creeps you out, then you don't trust them- so get rid of them and get someone you do trust.

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Shorts and hospital gown here. However, I'd have no problem removing my shorts. As FBI said.... You will prolly never see these people again.   :P

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haha i had surgery on  my toe and found out last minute that u need to wear cotton  underwear and i was wearing satin boxers so i just had the gown but i woke up with it untied.. it was a little disturbing lol. seriously i wouldnt worry about it tho  u were born naked remember.

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my biggest embarassment is my gyn! if they have seen and are sorting that, the rest is no worry to me!  ;D

you also have to remember that this is every day stuff to them. another day at the office.

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I kept my boxers on...and no piss tube  8)
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the piss tube sounds like an urban legend!!

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They told me to take off all of my clothes. I asked the nurse if I could leave my boxers on and she checked with the doc. She came back and said that I could. Truth is at that point I didn't care much because they already doped me up with a muscle relaxer or something. When they woke me up I was so out of it they could have put a large SUV up my you know what and I wouldn't have known it. :o I was a little uncomforatble about getting naked but again at that point I didn't care much. GET R' DONE!!!

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i got to keep on basketball shorts and my boxers

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I was stripped down and didn't mind at all. I would much rather have people staring at my crotch than my chest anyway (proud of one, not the other). And like members have said, you won't see these people again and they generally couldn't give less of a care what your bells and whistle look like.

I had one Hell of a time trying to get that robe on for my first surgery. The nurse just handed it to me and I had no idea how to tie it around the back..So I got desperate and tried to tie it around the front, which was hilarious...The nurse came in after a couple minutes and my male thingy is just hanging out of the front of the gown, I laughed so hard and asked for help.

She laughed, fixed it and told me she should have explained. It was all amusing really.
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Just in case you should react unfavorably to the anesthetic or whatever--- and your veins are hard to get a needle into---There is a huge vein in your groin that allows easy hookup of emergency plumbing.
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