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When I was about 13 years I went to the doc and he told that this would go away, Iam now 30 and still I have this.  When I was 18 I went into the Marines I worked out and had 18% body fat and still no change.  I hate to go to the beach I feel like everyone is looking at me its hard to do anything.  I'am so sick of this I wish there was something else that I could do besides get cut.  I just don't have the money or time to take off work and have that done.  This year Iam going to go back on a diet and try everything I can to save money, because I what to be like everyone else and take my shirt off at the beach and start living I new life.  What would be the first step that I need to do if getting cut is the only way?


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Hi, I too have a very active lifestyle and could not get rid of chest fat, even though I had about 15-20% body fat.

I do think getting cut is the only way I'm afraid.

I'm currently three days post op, and if the swelling goes down I can finally swim, go to the beach, not fear being on the skins team, wear tight shirts, etc, so I'd say having an operation is worth it.

The first step I took was seeing the doctor when I was 17, the doctor wrote to a surgeon who I then visited, I didn't do much research as some suggested on here because I was happy with the surgeon I had found. Eventually we booked the operation and that was basically it.


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