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im 15 i dont know how long ive had it but it seems like a long time... i have noticed when it is cold that my nipples are hard and there is still a lump under my nipple and i cant tell that i have gyne... i am wondering if that is good for it to lose the puffyness... and someimes my friends joke aroud and pinch my nipples is that bad for them or good...


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If anything, I'd say it's bad. The cold nipples thing is normal, I'm sorry to say  it does not mean it is goinng away.

You are young though, and it could go away on it's own in the next year or so.

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At your age, they could resolve on their own.

Even your friends may tease, but not for long.

The guys who grab, pinch, and cause pain; are not your friends.  That is called an assault, which is a crime!  

Repeated trauma from agressive pinching could cause scarring.  
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I'd say it's a bad thing.  I know conventional 15 year old thinking may think pinching (or beating the gland) may break it up and allow the body to absorb it.  So, if your question is if it's good or bad to have your friends pinch and joke about your nips, i'd say funny for them, bad for you.

The best way to get people to not joke with you is to adopt a light hearted attitude and not take yourself so seriously.  I know, I know, easier said than done.  But I'm not a do as I say, not as I do guy.  I've personally done it and so has a lot of other guys on this site.

Then again, i'm no longer a 15 year old where my self-worth is tied up in my body.  Not saying you're like that, but I was at your age.


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