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hi,i am 14 years old i and i think i have gyno.i been having these disc shape tissue under my nipple area about 4 years now.i am 5'6 weigh 125 can this be gyno? i would send pictures but i don't know how.


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Could it be Gynecomastia? Yes it could, but don't get ahead of yourself.

The definition of Gynecomastia has been changing. At one time it seems to have meant contoured breasts like those of a woman. As the term is now used it commonly  means any enlargement of the male breast.

According to the old definition, very few of us would have the condition. If the latter definition is used, about 1/3 of all adult males have it to some degree.

The small disc of tissue behind the nipple which you can feel is glandular breast tissue. If it lies flat, ignore it. If it is raised and causes you embarassment, it is a problem that you should get help with.

Many people have peculiar ideas about this condition, one of these being that only fat people get it. This is simply not true, skinny people have it too.
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