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Thanks for the reply,
I’ve contacted the clinic(Evita)a couple days ago via email and my only concern is that after requesting before&after photos just to get a general idea about the place and the surgeon they claimed that it’s illegal and they don’t do such a thing,
Have you had the kind of experience?

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It is their right not to provide you with before and after photos of patients without the patients' permission.  However, they should at least have some photos on their website.  If there are no photos or even no website, I would be suspicious.

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Hi helpmemoobs,
I just wanted to thank you for posting your experience, it gave me the motivation and information that I needed. 
I flew over to South Korea to have my surgery at Evita clinic last week.

Thank you

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Evita has a VERY extensive web page about different grades of gyno and corresponding surgery prices along with time lines for recovery and before/after pictures. I would be very interested to hear a summary of anyone who visits there including the transportation, length of stay, and lodging costs.

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I was looking back at this post that I made 3 years ago when I got gyno surgery in South Korea. I realised that I never put in any 'before' photos! So I decided to just upload them all into a Youtube video. I'm so glad I got the surgery now. The results weren't 100% perfect but I feel like I look much better than before.


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