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Hey guys i just got a letter today denying paying for my surgery after giving me a run around for 2 months. Although it is a covered procedure and i have been diagnosed with severe gyno they say there is no evidence  it is causing a physiologic funtional impairment, get real I havent been in public with my shirt off since i was 10-12 years old, approximately 35 years, if it was them in question and had to deal with all that i have for years, I'm sure it would have been aproved immediately! My question is they need documentation for an appeal, so is it worth my time to pursue this any farther, maybe some of you have had similiar experiences, any feedback would be appreciated.


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An appeal based upon social withdrawal etc. is not an impossible one, but it is difficult to make the case for a medical necessity.

The Doctor you need is a Psychologist.  

Good Luck.
Grandpa Dan

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Thank you for your input as I'm sure you have heard many similiar stories and you are probably are right I do need a Physcologist.

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i'd rather not care/worry about gyno.. and i mean truely not care/worry like people who have no clue about the condition and find nothing wrong and dont give their breasts a second look

and still have a lil gyno

then have a perfect chest and be obessed about it

just my oppinion.


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