Author Topic: My HORRIBLE visit with a surgeon ..a tad long.  (Read 1910 times)

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Hello all, i'm new to this forum but here's a little background on me. I'm 16 years old, soon to be 17. I've had my gynecomastia for about 4 years or more but i told somebody about it at 4 years. i talked to my doctor and she says it'll go away on its own but now that it's 4 years she says i'm allowed to take more action against it, we had hormone tests done...negative, i talked to a guy, i'm not sure of his position but he proudly yells "i'm not the surgeon i'm the hormone guy!", during THIS visit he says it's probably not going away and surgery is DEFINITLY an option. He recomended a certain surgeon (i'll get to this guy in a minute) and i said fine why not.

so TODAY comes the day where i meet this ridiculous man that calls himself a surgeon. I explain my problem and he brushes everything i say off and kind of snickers at me, tells me it's not important, its not bad, i dont need surgery and the way he says it is almost as if he's angry i came to him to talk about it. i drove a good 25-30 minutes to see this guy and he gives me a 5 minute speech on what i cant do. His solutions are: take ibuprofen after each meal (no joke), do push ups, lay off chocolate and soda...i mean as if he couldnt pull anything that made sense out his...well...sadly i feel as if i'm more educated on this condition than he is, he doesnt specialize in gynecomastia. I know building up my pec can worsen the problem and it has in the past, i know chocolate has nothing to do with it because i rarely even eat the stuff, i drink soda but it's all caffiene free and more often than not i drink water anyways. He tells me to take ibuprofen and see him in 3 weeks and he quickly hurrys to his break.

I have NEVER been so angry with a person in my entire life..the things i wanted to say to him WOW.

i honestly want nothing more than a surgery to rid me of this annoyance, this physical pain and psychological pain. i have puffy nipples and its even noticable around the nipple, the bump is. the only time i'm happy with my chest is when its cold out (obvious reasons).  i havent gone to the beach in ages, i havent removed my shirt in front of anybody in forever, i cant wear the shirts i want to wear, i refuse to workout like i used to because either way my gynecomastia is noticable. my mom and i dont have the money to cough up 5 thousand for cosmetic surgery so i have to play it off like the pain is what's bothering me.

any doctors or anybody with this experiance i'm begging you, HELP


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wow...sound really unprofessional, but it sounds like he had no real idea about this condition anyway so it was probably for the best.  I would definitely try and find a surgeon with experience in this proceedure.  There are a couple very good surgeons on here.  I'm not sure where you from, but they may be near you?  And even if they aren't it may be worth making a trip to see a good, experienced surgeon.

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Yes, I believe the surgeon actually did you a favor by making it crystal clear how unprofessional and uneducated he is on gynecomastia.   Now, though thoroughly pissed, you know not to waste any more of your valuable time with him.   Go see another one who's better qualified.  Also, give the appropriate feedback to the "hormone guy" who referred you to him. 

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see a sugeon who specializes in gyne

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Welcome to the forum. Sorry the surgeon was no good. Actually a lot of people here have had rotten consultations with people who dont know what theyre talking about,  but like Mr Nip said hes done you the favour of not having to see him again.

Theres some really good surgeons out there so dont sweat about it too much.


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