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I hope you’re right, Hammer, but I’m not taking it to the bank, yet.  I’ve heard and read a lot of stories about gynecomastia being triggered or getting worse on testosterone therapy. Also, the growth I’ve experienced the last several months on my right side has all come after I started TRT. So, I’m hoping for the best, but prepared to accept whatever comes.

As a 65-year-old man, I wouldn’t want to have to develop new skills around buying and wearing bras.  I don’t think I need one now with the growth I’ve had so far.  I don’t really have any issues with needing additional support for most of my activities.  I do have a lot of movement if I jog, so maybe I’ll just stick to walking.   Anyway, thanks for the feedback. 


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I have heard of growth while on HRT as well! You need to be under the watchful eye of a good endocrinologist while getting the numbers in line!

I had to get used to having bigger breast in my 30's! I had them in my teens then after a vasectomy I lose my testicles and after that my breast grew like well watered weeds!

During that time I found out I had years of untreated diabetes due to a rare blood disorder that I had that masked the diabetes, which explained all the pain that I was having in my feet and legs! I had  peripheral diabetic neuropathy also causing me to fall a lot! It was just a few years later that I had to sell my business and go on disability at the age of 40! I also had to start using a wheelchair to prevent falls. I've had several surgeries including 2 total knee replacements and 4 back surgeries! The back surgeries have been due to falls!

So now at 60, I don't give a 2nd thought about those (H) size bumps on my chest! I care about the rest of my health! I eat right to maintain good blood sugar so that I can teach my grandchildren how to fish or hunt someday or do other things as we enjoy time together!

My son who lives 15 hours away from me just informed me that they are expecting number 3, so that will make 6 grandkids for me! I don't see them as much as the 3 that live 2 blocks away.  :(


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