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April 2017 I had bilateral gynecomastia surgery performed. Several days after the surgery I noticed one breast had essentially no gland removed, only fat liposuction had been performed. The other side was performed with 100% removal and 100% satisfaction. Doctor told me not to worry about it and to wait. I followed his instruction.

Move forward to June 2018, I went back for a yearly check up and explained the gland had not changed and was fully visible. I am around a 12% body fat percentage so it is noticeable. He agreed and performed a revision January 2019 at no cost.

I am now one week post surgery and I can feel where he has cut it out but I still feel it on top of the muscle. Unlike the other side where I feel absolutely no gland - it’s muscle and skin, completely flat and looks amazing.

Should I be concerned about this? I would like feedback prior to meeting with the doctor. I just don’t understand how there could not be 100% removal on a second surgery. Or is this just part of the process and there would potentially be a third?


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I understand and sympathize with your concerns.  But it is still extremely early after your second procedure to draw any conclusions.  Bear in mind, what counts is the appearance -- not what it feels like.  If your chest is smooth, flat and symmetric with the other side, then just be patient and allow everything to settle down and heal.

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