Author Topic: Mild Gynecomastia and nipple piercings.  (Read 161 times)

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Hi all. I have a case of mild gynecomastia which has plagued my self-esteem since I was around 12 (22 now). I am lean and well built yet my nipples are puffy when not erect but look normal when cold, like when out of the shower, or aroused. Based on my observations, if the nipple (while the areola remains its usual size) stays perked up a bit, my chest looks more normal under a t-shirt.

I have heard that Nipple Piercings help make the nipple erect as it lifts it up slightly from behind. Further, some have mentioned that once removed the scar tissue hold the nipple up slightly. 

Has anyone actually tried this and if so please do share your experience with the effects it has had on your nipples and areola. Also, do they look prominent under a shirt? Please share some pictures/PM if you don't mind for reference.

I am keen on getting it done as I do like the look, but would like to know if it could also alleviate my gyno problem as an added benefit.

Thank you!


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I don't think that piercing your nipples will give you the results you're looking for.   I haven't had to deal with puffy nipples and areolas but I do have piercings.   My piercings have done nothing to firm up the tissue behind the nipples.   However, once pierced the nipples will be continuously erect and will increase in diameter.   Mine are currently about the size of my pinky.  I will also say that having my nipples pierced had nothing to do with having or not having gyne as I had them pierced almost 20 years ago.   I just liked the look and feel and my wife does too.


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