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Hi all, was hoping to get some help on gynecomastia and recommendations on surgeons in Melbourne. For all I can remember I've always had man boobs and have decided to do something about it but it's not the easiest topic to get info on. I'm 29 reasonably fit but do carry some excessive fat however all my friends think I'm fine. I do train and when I'm fit I look fit but can never decrease the size of my chest. Its always hard to find clothes that fit well  Even when I train chest hard I feel sometimes my chest is bigger. I do alot of running and used to run at least 20ks a week but always had my man boobs and now I'm looking for help.

There are a few surgeons I'm looking at. I've done some research on Sue Thistlethwaite, Dr Michael Rich and also enquired at the Ashley centre. Can anyone provide some help/info on surgeons. I'm really hoping to get it all sorted and the surgery completed within a couple of months. I don't have private health insurance so I'm not sure if that would matter. The way I'm feeling about it cost is not bothering me but it's in the back of my mind I guess.

Also wanted to know if after the surgery can it come back and the contour of the chest. I really want it to look normal.

Anyway any info would be greatly appreciated. I'm really hoping it all works out fine. I've read some stories and it looks like the outcome is positive.




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