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Hi everyone, im a gynecomastia sufferer like the rest of you here, and I just had surgery like 2 days ago on the NHS. it was just lipo, and it doesent hurt too much at all, but its just this damn corset/compression vest thing thats bothering me, and making thigns uncomfortable.....but i want the best results so im gonna wear it.

Anywai , maybe it was the drugs ...and i was a lil bit groggy in hospital, but what happens about showering. under the compression vest i have some bandages (kinda like strong sticky tape) and i was wondering if i remove those ehrn im having a shower. will it restick ???or maybe i just wash around the area for a few days, until the stitches are out in a weeks time.

byt they way the surgery seemed to have gone well and i saw the results 24 after the op. my chest wasent toatally flat, but it looked a hell of alot better from what i could see ( with ly little pocket mirror), so im optomistic. the right side was bigger than the left , and it seems to have been affected by the swellin more but dats expected. i just want to take of the bandages and looks again ....but i better be patient.

sorry for the long essay (lol) this was ment to be short but yeah..if anyone could tell me how they delt with showering or bathing immediately post op id be grateful. (im feeling prreeety dirty  lol)

just wanna thank everyone on this board for all suport, because this is the easiest place to talk. thanx all  



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  • Hi, I'm a man...with boobs...
how/what did u do to get lipo/exicion on the NHS?

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About showering...probably best to call and ask. For me I was able to take off the compression vest and wash around the area. Leave the tape on, it could pull at your stitches if you try and remove it.

Good Luck              -Brown


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