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This Maybe Stupid Question To Some But Not For Me.

If You Take  Male Vitamins Then Switch To Female Vitamins Does That Mess Up Your Hormonal Balance ? 

Plus Taking Trekindi, Lamictal 50mg & 200mg, Bravaict & Folic Acid Does Thoes Medication Along With Vitamins Mess Up Hormonal Balance? 


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There aren't male or female vitamins.  Just different amounts, to address common deficiencies.

No, different vitamins shouldn't cause hormonal issues (at least not in the sense that would be discussed here).  And just for the record, vitamin supplements shouldn't be taken "just because".  If you have a proper diet (and enough exposure to sunlight) then you're not supposed to need them, and many vitamins can actually be toxic if you have too much in your system.  So only take them if you have a legitimate need for them.

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Some vitamins can have high phytoestrogens contents in them. High enough to harm hormonal balance? Very unlikely. Saw palmetto is used for prostate health and commonly seen as high phytoestrogens compounds and same for fenugreek that helps regulate metabolism as well as often seen as assisting in production of milk for pregnant women and other herbs that are taken as vitamins as well. Though your every day run of the mill vitamins such as all in one or whatever it may be male or female won’t and shouldn’t have anything in it in high enough doses that will do anything out of the ordinary. 

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My dad was a physician and he maintained that as long as you have a well-balanced diet, vitamins are redundant. If you don't have a deficiency, they pass right through your system. This idea of male or female vitamins is more of a marketing ploy than anything else. According to my dad. 
Developed breasts at puberty and had corrective surgery at age 57.


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