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I would really like to now and understand what hormones effect gyne. I thought it was just testosterone and estrogen but it looks like there are other hormones out there that effect it. I thought that there are ways to generally tell if someone has low test levels things like erectile disfunction. Poor muscle development I actually have a very muscular physique and very light hair, see I am just trying to understand I have a full beard I shave and by the end of the day it looks like I have not shaved for a week. Sex drive is another I have very high sex drive I mean really high I get sex nearly every day of the missus and most of the time still not satisfied.
So to me I would say that my testosterone is good so why the hell do I have these puffy nips I am still waiting for the hormone test results to come back but I think they will be normal.

Ok if they are not normal I thought they just remove the intire gland but that is not the case so please inform me what happens when the hormones are out of wack. 



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