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Hey guys, just discovered this awesome website. I think i've had gyno since 14 and am currently 16. I know it's only been around two years, but i'm scared it's gonna be life long. Should I look into surgery? or just keep praying? Some pics are to show my current situation. Thanks!


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You have had it for 2 years..  Mine developed when I was about 12.  That was in 1949.    Surgery was not a good option back then so we just lived with it.  .
You are more fortunate, you have choices that did not exist that long in the past.
Generally speaking, if you have had the condition without change for two years then it has stabilized and will not be expected to change.   If your enlargement has occurred over the last two years, then it is not stable and it could diminish. 
No one actually needs to have surgery.  Huh?  That is right.  If there was some sort of pathology then you would need surgery to remove it.  That does happen, but rarely.  That means that: as with most men, surgery is an option.   
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