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Gyne has had severe effects on my pysche, both negative and positive.  Biggest negative being that I sometimes feel extremely detached from people, or even this reality(whatever it may be).  A big positive is how I treat other people and can understand and relate to almost anybody, which has made me liked by "most" people I have encountered.  But I always keep that distance, I wont let anybody get too close.  I started doing pushups about six months ago, hoping it would reduce the gyne.  I suffer from puffy nipples, and what i have noticed after months of push when the nipples arent puffed or swollen, my chest almost looks normal.  It actually has a nice shape with only minimal fat.  But when they puff out, its like i havent done a single push up, and they dont look any better than before.  Its extremely frustrating.  Its almost like a tease.  Im seeing an Endo in mid July(booked solid)and hoping she can help out, but am very skeptical, it feels hopeless.  I would also like to add that the effect gyne has on me isnt nearly as severe now(23)as it did through my teen years and even early twenties(long story).  But I still make the same effort to hide them, i still wont take my shirt off in front of anybody, and its still mostly on the forefront of my thoughts.  I have seen pics on this site of men who suffer much worse than i do, but it doesnt really change a thing in my mind.  I would like to discuss this more, so please post with responses or questions, thanks guys.  Puffy Nipples suck!      


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Or you could do both.  Getting some counseling isn't a bad idea.  There's a condition called body dysmorphic disorder that's a bit related to OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).  It describes when a person has an unhealthy obsession about some part of some "flaw" in their body, real or imagined.  

No reason you have to like puffy nips; I didn't.  But at the same time it's probably not healthy to allow your thought and behavior to be centered on them.  My worry about guys who don't work on their heads a little bit and then get surgery is that they a) might not be satisfied with a satisfactory post-surgical outcome, or b) find fault with some other part of their body and start the process over again.  It's worth looking in to getting some help.

As far as surgery goes, in my experience it's been a "silver bullet" fixing my particular issue.  Do your homework, have reasonable expectations, know the risks (and get yer $$$ together) and it can be a real positive.  Good luck.


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