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Well Ive got a backup loan from Capital one healthcare finance because the likelyhood of insurance accepting my claim is not very good. I wasnt qualified to apply under my name since im only 22 and have no credit. So I got my mom to apply for me and got an 8.9 percent APR.

What are the interest rates of everyone elses loan? Are there other companies that may be better?  Im kinda excited because the time is coming soon for this damn surgery!


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8.9 is decent/good depending on how long you're trying to finance it for.

Seems manageable, even at 22... for a $6000 surgery you're lookin at like $200 +/- a month, even less if it's cheaper (obviously).

1% +/- (which is likely what the variance is going to be given the rate she got from C1) doesn't make a HUGE difference for short term low principle loans like this.

The next closest thing is a personal loan which seem to be going for around 14-18% right now.

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Where is the best place to apply for loans.  I'm going to put some money down, probably somewhere around 2 to 3K but that'll leave a balance.  I was going to go to my bank and talk with someone.  Credit isn't an issue because I'm 26 and my beacon score is around 760.


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