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if you get liposuction in the chest can you gain fat back in that area? lets say you gain weight after the lipo, can the fat possibly go back in the chest or no?


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maybe the docs here will correct me, but ive read that once fat is removed,(by lipo, anywhere on body) it wont come back in that area again? ???

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Liposuction removes fat cells and once they are removed, they do not come back. It is not a shortcut to weight loss or a treatment for obesity.  However, properly performed liposuction surgery requires that some fat cells be left in place in order to allow the skin to glide over the deeper tissues. If too much fat is removed from the chest, then a crater deformity or skin dimpling or adherence may occur.  If you should gain considerable weight after lipo surgery, then the remaining fat cells in the suctioned areas will individually increase in size (not number) and you will appear to put on more fat in those areas.  In reality, you are increasing the fat content of each individual cell.

Moral of the story:  if you are motivated enough to go through lipo surgery and incur the expense of surgery, then you should be motivated enough NOT to gain weight after the operation.  In fact, for many of my patients, getting rid of their gyne becomes an impetus to losing weight, working out, etc -- all of which actually enhance the final results of the gyne surgery.  In essence, the gyne surgery becomes the spark for a true change in lifestyle.

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if you get liposuction in the chest can you gain fat back in that area? lets say you gain weight after the lipo, can the fat possibly go back in the chest or no?

Liposuction removes / kills fat cells, and fat removed by liposuction is gone forever. Good liposuction contouring needs to leave a natural layer of fat behind for motion and animation. These remaining fat cells can still lose or put on extra fat.  Liposuction is not an alternative to losing weight nor will it help keep the fat away. Fat will again go on or come off with the typical Male Body Fat Distribution for that part of the body.  When typical fat remains in the male breast, weight gain can result in a recurrence of gynecomastia. When all fat is gone, such as in the depression of a Crater Deformity Defect after Bad Gynecomastia Surgery, the deep hole with no fat cells will not put on fat. The surrounding wall of fat can deepen with weight gain.  With weight loss, crater walls can lose fat and thin.  Of course weight loss will not help with an animation defect.  The motion of the stuck adherent tissue still looks bizarre.

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