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I spent last week at the beach, and noticed a very large number of guys (of all ages) with some degree of gyne. (Maybe about half, according to a non-scientific sample, and some seriously big, compared to some of the pix at this site.)  Walking around bare-chested, no overt sign that they notice or care.  I was one of only two guys on the beach wearing a t-shirt.

What's the relevance?  Just that something that is a very big deal to you is not necessarily (or even likely) a big deal to anyone else.  A lesson I learned during my divorce: if nobody cares about your problem nearly as much as you do, don't waste your psychic energy worrying about displeasing or annoying them.

Not trying to talk anyone out of hating their moobs, but keep it in perspective as you plan and execute this holiday(USA)/summer(other northern hemispherians) weekend.  Give yourself a break from gyne hell and enjoy yourself.


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Well said.

I know i'm not ugly. I know many women find me attractive. But sometimes you're past influences your sub-conscious.

It's habit for me to make sure im cold (or do something to make my nipples shrink) before i enter a room, or whenever i notice it.
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