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Hi people. After years of hiding. Suffering and tolerating the issue of gyno I finally took the plunge this month. This site has been brilliant and has it not been for the tales and posts I would never have gone for it.
For years I thought about it and finally last month when I could not face getting into the hotel pool with my 9 year old girl. I decided that is it. Mums and wives will always support and protect but ultimately we know we have to get it sorted for our own self esteem.
I chose Karidis due to the reviews here and his general reputation. I went for the consultation and it was brief. The best bit was how he makes you take your top off and stand in front of a mirror. That is a brilliant way in getting you to see how it cannot go on any longer. He doesn't need to do that for his own assessment. He knows the score. Looking at myself topless in a long mirror was the moment I decided this will end now.
I then booked the surgery. Paid deposit and just counted days.  I told nobody at home. I just wanted to deal with it myself and tell after. Before the surgery I read the forums here religiously. Non stop. Repeatedly.
On the day of surgery I was due in 8am.  Was told to wait and was taken to my room. At that moment some fear did kick in. You know it's a point of no return but you just keep reminding yourself of why you are doing it. In fact I even groped my chest and said goodbye to them. After all they have been with you for years and it's almost like killing off part of your old self. New chapters.
I got changed into a gown the silly see through pants. Nurse said I must wear as it's in case of emergency 😏
Then a few different nurses come in our. Measuring bp etc weight height.
Then Dr. Karidis enters. It's like a glow in dark moment. He walks in. And puts you at ease. He then marked me up and took photos. Even at that point I was flinching. He said he will make it all go and said we be ready in an hour.
That was the longest hour of my life. Pacing in my room and watching Quincy ! Not a great choice of programme I admit.!
Then nurse comes in. Says we are ready and she walks with me down. Into a room which has the hallmarks of a surgical theatre. The anethesist is lovely. Talks about London weather and then I feel a little drunk. Like having a shot of whiskey. That initial buzz. Then the next thing I'm waking up in recovery. Nurse next to me helping with cold pack. I was sore. Ribs were aching and they gave me morphine. As I described pain as 5 out of Ten
Then was taken to my room. Moved into my bed which wasn't easy. And drank water. Throat sore but you know you are on the other side and it's so liberating.
I had a club sandwich. Huge with soup and apple juice.
Then nurses come and check bp. Oxygen. Help with bits etc
Many here have said karidis doesn't come  back after surgery. I was delighted he did. He came just as I was being helped with my vest. He shook hands and said I look flat and good! That was very much a harmony moment.
One word of warning. Do not wear a white shirt going home. Remember you may ooze blood from the incisions and if you are using public transport you may not want to scare the commuters by having blood dripping inside your shirt! Wear dark
To all those thinking of having it done. Do not waste time. Life is short. Wish I did it earlier. Save money. Borrow. Get a credit card. And just do it.


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Hey, how are you as of now? Do you have pre and post op pics? Im considering Karidis too!


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