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I am a 46 year old man. I had pubertal gyno and it destroyed my self-esteem,  So, at age 18 I went on a diet and lost about 50 pounds but, I still had gyro.  Naturally, my family said there was nothing wrong with me but, after years of talking about it non-stop, at around age 21, had excision done. However, I do not recall the doctor doing any lipo on the area. For years now, I have felt that the procedure could have been done much better as he was one of those doctors that believed you have to leave a bit of the breast tissue -- after researching over the past month and watching countless videos, I came to the conclusion that Dr. Caridi is the exact surgeon I was looking for -- in all his videos he states he removes ALL of the gyno tissue - so, whenever I refer to him, I call him The Gyno Hunter. Just two months until I meet this amazing surgeon and he artfully removes my gyno and sculpts my chest -- I cannot wait.


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I just had a revision surgery with Dr. Caridi today.  Hard to comment on the results obviously, but it was a good overall experience.   The staff was great and understand why you're there.  Dr. C is very personable and better then that he's good. 


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