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Hey Guys,

(this is probably many peoples story - but it's hopefully the start of me getting it off my chest (pun intended) and making a change)

I've been struggling with my chest for the last 15-20 years. It's something I don't talk to anyone about, not even my partner of over 13 years. (Way to bottle things up on the inside Ryno)

Up until around 22, I was very overweight. I probably hit 140-150kg at my heaviest and led a very unhealthy lifestyle.

After a relationship breakdown (an absolute blessing in hindsight) I set out on changing. Over the next year or so I got my weight down to 80kg's and had a total change on life. I put myself back out there, found an amazing partner and for the most part, life has been alright.

Since then my weight has fluctuated in the 80-90kg mark. However regardless of weight loss, my chest hardly changes. And the more weight I loose, the more conscious I get of them because my proportions are out and it's in my mind a lot more obvious.

It affects my posture, I don't stand up straight, it sticks out more - and in turn I get a sore back. I don't wear plain coloured t-shirts as again its more obvious. I do what I can to hide it, i'm never without my shirt and every morning before and after I shower the mirror constantly reminds me of a previous life. 

Hence the reason for my post. I'm 36 now and I want to make a change. 

I know i'm never going to look great with my shirt off. Many years of being overweight and then loosing it, doesn't exactly leave you with an amazing body. However enough is enough and it's time to take action. I want to feel somewhat good in my skin and live my life.

Surgery scares the crap out of me. I'm terrible with needles and blood. So I definitely want to be knocked out and wake up with it all being over. 

I've attached pictures below. What stage would you say I am and would you say surgery is the right thing to do? (Honestly i'm looking for reassurance and someone to say Ryan, go and do this, it will change your life)

I'm located in Brisbane Australia, and from my years of research, i'm thinking Dr Paul Belt for surgery?

Thanks guys, this post has been a long time coming. But I know if I don't start now, life will be over in the blink of an eye and i'll regret not making this change.



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Surgery is only the right thing to do if there is hindrance to health or if it is desired. If you can afford it and it is handicapping social emotional and physical well being or one of any than sure it’s worth it if you can afford it. Personally and perhaps it’s cause my growth began at 30 and I was married that year and wife doesn’t seem to care much. But you get to a point where the paranoia and concerns turn to mehhh and whatever. I’m a full 34B cup at this point and my chest sticks out quite a bit. I have had people poke my chest thinking it’s muscle and realizing it def isn’t and going I’m sorry. I have had people give me glances and in the end F it and F em in the end only thing that matters is those who surround you not those around you. If it is something you think in 5-10 years you can get over and accept don’t get surgery if it is something you feel at 30 35 40 45 you are going to be insecure and uncomfortable still then get it. In the end it’s a matter of can you afford for your own self to keep them and accept or can you afford to go under the knife and remove what you feel you will not be able to accept ever. 

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That's a pretty severe case you have there.

Surgery is the only way to get rid of them, but I always feel people should think it through before going that route.  Once you've gone for cosmetic surgery, it could potentially flick that switch that makes you constantly want to "fix" something.

That said, it's ultimately your choice.  Some of us decide to live with our "assets", but obviously most men can't come to terms with having breasts.  And if you have to choose between having them chopped off or living a life of depression, then it makes sense to go under the knife.

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Trust me, I waited the better part of 10 years before I finally decided to do the surgery and today is 12 days post op.  The procedure itself literally flashed before my eyes.  I would say my chest looked a lot like yours and believe me, it all happened so quickly, I still can't believe I did it.  The harder part for me has been the recovery, because you're quite immobile for a couple days (took me almost a week before I could properly shower).  But to see those things gone is an incredible experience.  It literally feels like you started a new life.  I went to the beach yesterday without my compression vest on - nothing but a sport shirt on and it was cool and windy.  I still can't get over the feeling of the wind blowing against me and I had the sensation that my boobs were hanging out and shaped by the wind and shirt, but when I looked down, there was nothing there, my shirt was flush with my muscles... And I kept instinctively shrugging my shoulders and never even realized I did that until yesterday.  I had to keep reminding my self, it's ok to keep my shoulders back, nothing is showing and nobody is looking lol

Get the surgery done man, it'll take a couple of weeks post op for you to "feel" almost normal and then it should get easier.  It's a small price to pay for living the rest of your life stress free.

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Aww man i'm so happy for you! (also - sorry for the lateness of my reply)  What you've described on the beach, I dream of. It will be me one day :)

How is the recovery going? still happy with your results?

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You do have a rather severe case of gynecomastia and unfortunately you have a choice of either living with it or having surgery to remove it.

Many guys have an inordinate fear of surgery -- and part of that is the fear of the unknown.  If you find a doctor who will explain everything to you, he will eliminate much of what you fear.

As for results, I can only repeat words that my patients tell me afterwards:  "It was life changing and I should have done it much sooner!"

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....(Honestly i'm looking for reassurance and someone to say Ryan, go and do this, it will change your life)
I've been dealing with this for about 46 years. Just turned 57. During this Covid shut down, etc, I did some working out and I managed to shed some weight. The boobs stayed the same and I came to the realization, they're never going away. I feel them, I see them, and I can't stand it anymore. So I searched the internet and found this site and started reading. Then I started watching youtube videos. Then I went for my physical exam and the Dr said I'm healthy. I told him about my gynecomastia. It's the first time I EVER talked about it with anyone but my wife. He confirmed surgery is the only way to go and gave me a referral for a plastic surgeon.

THAT DAY I became fearless. It's like everything changed. All I could think of was - how can I get this done ASAP? I want a life as a man without boobs. My surgery is Jan 20, ten weeks from tomorrow. 70 days to go.
Ryan, just go for it. I haven't had it done yet but I'm positive I'll be saying the same thing as Dr Jacob's patients. "It was life changing and I should have done it much sooner!"
Developed breasts at puberty and had corrective surgery at age 57.


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