Author Topic: Is this gyno?  (Read 617 times)

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I have noticed it very much Past 3 years seem to not be getting any smaller nipples look pointy and not flat I am 22 6ft and 14.4 stone I am very uncomfortable with this any help would be very appreciated 



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I would say that it is, but I'm not a doctor!

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I agree with Hammer, looks like gyno to me.  The shape of the breasts and nipples sort of indicate that. It looks like it may be a little asymmetrical, one side larger than the other, this is pretty common.

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Yes, the appearance suggests gynecomastia, which is most often a combination of fat and breast (gland) tissue.  The only way to remove the tissue is through surgery.  If that is your decision, then it is best to consult with a plastic surgeon who has a sub-specialty in gynecomastia surgery.

Good luck.

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