Author Topic: Is my E2 high? Why may it be higher?  (Read 1335 times)

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I retested my hormones. Last time my testosterone was 238, with FSH 2.0, LH5.8. Now these are my new values.

Total Testosterone: 572
Reference range: 240-1100

Free T: 94
Ref range: 35-155

Prolactin: 6

TSH: .584
Ref range: .4-4.5

Estrogen: 100
Ref range: Normal < 115

As you can see my estrogen is pretty flipping high, and I'm none to enthused by that; however, I am relieved to know that my testosterone is normal, which indicates that I'm most likely fertile, phew!
Still though what are some of y'all's thoughts on this? I took both tests at the same time. Anyone know why the heck my testosterone more than doubled the 2nd time around? All I did were minor modifications to my diet. And as for my estrogen level, am I right in assuming they are pretty high despite being in the normal range? I suspect that this may be the reason why I have a lot of body fat, and I don't exactly have the best sex drive, not to mention my mild gyno.


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hormones are my weakest area, but since nobody else has bitten yet, my only thoughts are these. 

hormones are a pretty complex subject, but i believe the issue is less the levels themselves than the ratios. 

you may want to try to consult an endo, such as whoever did the tests.  did they say anything specific, and/or were they aware you had the puffies? 
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Endocrinology is a rather broad field, Not only would I recommend that you consult an Endocrinologist, but one who specializes in reproductive issues.  The hormones do not act alone. They do not perform solos. They act together like an orchestra. Deciphering the results of a group of hormone tests is something that requires a professional, it is not a Do-it-yourself job. It may be needful to monitor the hormones over time to see how stable they are.  Individual tests might be misleading.
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