Author Topic: Is it kosher to bargain with a cosmetic surgeon over pricing?  (Read 1591 times)

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I'm going in for my consult on Thursday with a well respected, board certified PS in my area (Portland, OR).  Her office estimated about $5000 over the phone (ouch!).  I'm pretty sure that it will not be higher because I'm only about 12-15% body fat and at least 80% of my gyno is obviously firm glandular tissue.  I'm guessing I will only need mild lipo for contouring purposes.

I recently read on this board a post by a guy who got his gyno surgery done for $4000 here in the Portland area.  His surgery was this September and he claims to be very happy with the results.  His surgery cost DID include lipo and all operating room fees.

When I go in on Thursday is it kosher to mention this to the doctor and ask her to come down on price?  Do PS doctors ever bargain?  I figured that plastic surgery, like most areas of discretionary spending has probably been hit hard by the economy so I thought that now would be the time to get a reasonable price.  Her operating room is her own facility at her practice so I figured that there may be a bit of wiggle-room on her fees as well.

All input is appreciated.



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i wouldn't discuss the price if you want a good result. that's my personal opinion
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With some care, I would say the price may be negotiable.

You would want to use some caution though. If you bargain for Lipo only and excision of glandular tissue is found to be needed then you would have effectively handcuffed your surgeon by imposing the "lipo only" stipulation. The result would not be pleasing to either you or the surgeon and you'd have only yourself to blame.

Do you have skills? If you are a cabinetmaker perhaps a kitchen makeover might equal a chest makeover, who knows?

What do you have to lose for asking?

Keep in mind that many of the costs are not for the surgeon so they cannot be negotiated.
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