Author Topic: Is gyne re-growth less likely from meds like propecia if you've had surgery?  (Read 153 times)

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If you do anything that has a possibility for the side effect of gynecomastia growth, are you less likely to have any re-growth if you'd had the glandular tissue removed surgically?

Basically I had gynecomastia from my teen years, a decade later started finasteride (propecia) for a few months until I developed a soreness/lump under one nipple. I'm pretty sure that extra growth eventually went away fully, although it might have taken several months at least. I might have stuck with the propecia for an extra week or two out of desperation because I really didn't want to have to go off it.

Anyway a few years later I got gynecomastia surgery, and several years later I'm sorta kinda considering going back on propecia since what I'm doing to maintain my hair isn't working any more. The first time around I think I was taking 1.25mg a day, and that was on average (I don't think it was quite the same every day). If I did it again it would only be 0.5mg a day, so it would be considerably less. But most of all I'm wondering about the fact that I no longer have gynecomastia, and if that would impact my likelihood of having recurrence of it. I remember reading some stuff online about how because almost all of the glandular cells are removed that there's little ability for anything more to grow from it. Is this true?


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I made almost the same post as you. I have hairloss as well. I'm hoping someone can answer you post
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Propecia can cause growth of breast tissue in some men.  Gynecomastia surgery does not usially remove all breast tissue because doing so would usually result in a crater deformity.  So regrowth of the breast tissue is at least possible. I personally would not chance it. That said, many men use propecia with no regroth and a few do have  regrowth. I have no idea what the odds are either way. Simply put, you are gambling with unknown odds.
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