Author Topic: I'll not completely say good bye, at least not yet.  (Read 321 times)

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I am not going to say goodbye, because I will check in once in a while but You are not going to hear from me very often any longer.   My membership here goes back farther than the existing archives. and I was active on another site also started by Merle Yost before this one. 
Two old timers come to my mind that are rich resources.  The first was an anomaly, he called himself Grandpa Bambu and he was a person who had surgery, was pleased with the result, but remained active on the site for a long time offering support to others who were anticipating surgery or who recently had surgery.  Look him up in the member list if you want information about surgery and recovery after the surgery.
The other one was a bit controversial, He called himself Hypo and his Gynecomastia was due to Hypogonadism. Because of his special interest in his own condition, he became somewhat of a student of the subject of Hormones.  Actually a bit of an authority on the subject as well.   After a period of absence, he had difficulty signing back in to he came back with a new name as  "Hypo is here".  If you have questions about hormones, it would be worth your time to look him up. 
Remember always that the site exists as a source of information and to some degree a place of comfort.  Everyone comes here for the same reason.  Feel free to ask just about anything and try to resist the temptation to make a sharp reply. 
I would make one request, If you do look up those old archives, don't add to them or refresh them.  It would be  better to open a new topic than to attempt to join in a conversation with people who left us long ago.   

Grandpa Dan

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Hi, I just joined today and have posted my story and pics a few minutes ago. damn sounds like Hypo would be useful in assessing my options. Has he gone?


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