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    I was at my endocrinologist who  i see every three months since im diabetic, i asked him to check my estrogen levels. At the next visit he told  me my diabetes control is almost as  good as a non diabetic and that all my other blood work is good including testosteron my testosteron levels are compleatly in range . But that my estradiol level is a 45 the test says the a man should have a reading no higher than a 29  ''29 is already high''.

 I am 20 years old i already had chest liposuction 7 moths ago for gynecomastia so i told him i want to lower my estrogen with is help so the gynecomastia does not get worse since the surgery did not get much out anyways. Plus i told him i feel i deserve his help to lower the estrogen to a normal level , because in the last year and a half i have gone to the gym at least 5 times a week and have lost 25 pounds i am currently at 212lbs and 5'11. So my case was that for someone as passionate about going to the gym who has the dedication to control the diabetes so well i really do deserve his help to get normal estrogen levels plus i think it caused the gynecomastia in the first place. At first he played dumb and said that it cant be lowered . Then i let him no that i am an somewhat educated patient and want something like an anti estrogen . He would not give it to me because the side effects are risky " probably for him" and that i am in good health because all my other blood work is ok.
I left his office with a feeling that my heart had fallen to my feet. Here i am a 20 year old who loves going to the gym who is dedicated to getting to the best shape, fitness, and health as possible and i had just discovered i had high estrogen that makes it hard to lose fat and is counter productive to my health goal at the gym . So im thinking great thank God am at the type of doctor who fixes this kind of thing!  He wont help me because he is like 68 and doesn't care about the gym at all.

So what do you people think should do ?
1  go to another endo? or will they also tell me anti estrogens are to risky. I would be willing to sign a waver not holding them responsible  for any sideffects 

2 Or should i go back to him because if you check on the American board of endocrinologist this guy is a highly educated and is knowable in many specialties  I think if i ask  him again he does not care much about my goal of being in good physical shape he will say well  every thing else in your blood work is ok so your healthy. Please help

Quick history i had diabetes since i was 8 yrs old and had chest lipo 7 months ago my plastic surgeon told me that ultrasonic lipo removes gland and fat well guess what it did not remove much but i have already accepted that now i just want normal estrogen. The endo asked me now if i have ever taken any steroids and NO i have never taken any steriods at all and i  would be willing to take any kind of steroid drug test to prove it

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Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also i cant belive a guy pretending that he will preform surgery on him self gets more responses than i do ? I have an actual problem

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...i cant belive a guy pretending that he will preform surgery on him self gets more responses than i do ? I have an actual problem

Agreed.  I know that's frustrating. 

Unfortunately, many of us are not qualified to answer specific questions about hormone levels.  I would rather not respond if I can't give a meaningful reply.  That being said, somebody more qualified will hopefully pick up on this and give you the help you need.  Sorry you're feeling ignored. 

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My brother is a GP, not an endocrinologist, so take his response for what it's worth. Please dont take anything he says personally. He was just trying to offer unbiased, sound advice.

"As far as I know the endo is correct. Taking anti-estrogen is extremely risky, especially in an effort to fight gynecomastia. Countless other potential side effects notwithstanding, many patients can end up increasing their testosterone levels so thoroughly that the gyne appears to get worse, not better. Unless this person is a very large frame, 5'11" 212lbs can most likely be improved upon in terms of BMI, even for someone with diabetes. I'd recommend high intensity interval training to lower his BMI, and see where that gets him."

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you say taking an anti e is very risky so jus outta interst what are they? coz from my understanding they aint that bad e.g tamoifen citrate. but with side effects like most medications.


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