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Hi everyone! 
This is my first post here and I was looking for some opinions and advice about my gynecomastia. 
 I think my gynecomastia started when I unfortunately became overweight and had multiple surgeries around 15 years old. I was wondering whether anyone has heard about gynecomastia being caused by postoperative fatigue, weight issues...... 
My gynecomastia has not gone away with age, it has gotten more severe but I am unsure if its based on weight. I am 25 years old now and it is still there. I weight 220 lbs and am 5'10. Does anyone know whether this could mean that my problem is more likely to be an ongoing hormone inbalance? The situation is a lot more complicated due to my gender identity and sexuality confusion - I never once started having thoughts I was a woman until I started gaining weight and developed breasts. People used to tease me mercilessly, poke and touch them in school. Those thoughts came and went but they kept getting stronger and stronger until today. 
[font="Open Sans", sans-serif]Obviously it didn’t help that I literally developed (physically) into a plus size woman by the time I was 25. Big butt, thighs, hips, breasts. I no longer smoke, no drugs or alcohol (rarely). [/font][/color]
[font="Open Sans", sans-serif]Does anyone have any ideas, opinions, facts, advice about what I have wrote here? It would be helpful before I go to the doctor finally to deal with this issue.[/font][/color]



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