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That's an understatement.

I wish I'd have found this 7 years ago, because I wouldn't have felt like I was alone, and the support would have helped. No doubt lots of men feel the same way.

Let me add another reason I like this site. I enjoy reading the descriptions and discussions from the doctors. I have a very strong background in science, and I find discussion of the human body and its complicated systems fun and enlightening.  (At one point forty years ago, I considered going to med school; I would have wanted to go into surgery.) Unlike most forums I've seen to support a topic, this one has doctors who engage with the community and answer questions, expanding on their explanations if necessary, so that we all get an education. 

If no-one else says it, thank you, doctors, for your time and for sharing your knowledge.  You set an example for patient interaction that I dare say most in the medical community should try to emulate. Even though most of the community aren't your patients. Thanks.



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Very well said! We do have some great doctors on this forum and it is a fantastic place for men to come to for answers and support, for either surgery or acceptance!


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