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I visited my doc and i told him to have a look in my chest and i told him everything that i lost weight and i just cant suffer anymore...
he said that it will pass in like 2 years.
so i just will tell you about my self : im 16 years old , im 180 cm and im 85 kilos , little bit overwight. my chest is like 40 inches ..
the dooc told me that at the age of 18 it  will pass , of course step by step , i mean it will get better in every part of time.
so i want to know if this is true that it will be ok waiting beacuse my parents trust that doc and they say that he right in 100% so i wanna know what will be my future with that case.

he acctually told me about the hormonal inbalace in that age and he told me that he got some expreince in that case and that my case isnt really big.

so i want to know if he right ....
thank you !  :)


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i dont know if the doctor is right,just try a second opinion. some time the gyno disapear in 2 years, but I think it happens in a very few occasions.

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Gyne in puberty often goes away, but certainly not always.  You can't "know" what the gyne will do, nor can your doctor for that matter.  We can only make comments on what "usually" happens.    

Usually, however, you can tell from the state of the gynecomastia if it's the kind that has a chance of reversing and going away.  If it's significant gyne (i.e., very noticeable), chances are it's not going to go away sufficiently to make you happy.  Once a guy's breasts develop a true female looking appearance, I don't think the odds are with you anymore.  If it's just hard knots under the nipple and the breasts don't take on a female appearance, I think THAT'S the kind of gynecomastia in puberty that has a good chance of going away.


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