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Hi, I'm 19 years old and I have had an enlarged breast on my left side for about three years now. When it first appeared, I looked up online for the problem and found gynecomastia. It looked exactly like what i had and everything seemed to fit the description. A condition that causes enlarged breast in infants, teens, and older men. I also found that people with this condition but are not overweight usually have a hormonal imbalance of some kind and their gynecomastia can be cured through hormonal therapy, exercise, and eating the right foods that increase testosterone and decrease estrogen. Thinking this was my issue, I began eating only the foods that increase testosterone and decrease estrogen, but after a few weeks of this, I didn't notice any change while other people have. I finally decided to go visit my physician, and after an ultrasound, mammogram, and a few blood tests, they found that it wasn't cancerous, but they also found that my hormone levels are normal. my estrogen levels are actually pretty low, and my testosterone is normal as well. The mammary gland is what is enlarged. They suggested it might be congenital and my only options are to wait it out or surgery, but i really can't afford the surgery, I'm about to enter college, and I'm tired of living with this thing... i don't want to wait it out, I already had it for 3 years and the average time teens have it for is 2 years... I exercise 4 times a week, I'm in good shape, I have low fat, my diet is better than most people, it's not a hormonal issue if my hormones are normal, what could the problem be? and how can I naturally get rid of this breast tissue on my chest ???


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Unfortunately you just described the vast majority of men that suffer from gyne. While some have gyno as a result of medication or underlying health issues many are in perfect health when gyno strikes.

The longer you have gyno the slimmer the chances for any kind of natural regression in it's size.

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Having unequal breasts is common.

When you find a way to ungrow breasts you will become very wealthy. The cure you seek does not exist. The only way to get rid of or reduce the breasts would be surgery.
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